Dying every single time Liam calls Ruby, Darlin’

“Give ‘em hell, darlin’.”

Liam Stewart

Alexandra Bracken, Never Fade

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paired with your best friend on a group project


what are one direction going to do after the stadium tour? there is nothing bigger than stadiums like are they going to play shows in the middle of the ocean? maybe play a show or two on the moon?

Andrew Garfield on a bus right now with a bunch of tiny @ SpiderManMovie fans en route to the premiere. @ SonyPictures

PETER CAPALDI - Photographed by Dan Burn-Forti for Esquire UK


YA LIT MEME | ten series or books [2/10] » The Darkest Minds by Alexandra Bracken



Some of my bookshelves :)

What does the books say?!

"I´ve said this to you before, and I know this makes you uncomfortable, but you are thoughtful and brilliant, and your ambiguous ethnic blend perfectly represents the dream of the American melting pot"


Chris Evans for Variety magazine